Love – Jason Silva

“Love is immortality. Love is listening to a beautiful song that induces cathartic, emotive transcendence. Love.. love is goosebumps. Love is aesthetic arrest. Love is to be beheld. It’s what the poet Roland Barth called “fulfilment”, that which exceeds totality. Literally. To be more than full, that you spill over. Love is catharsis. Love is tears. But tears that feel like an orgasmic release of emotion. Love is infinity. Love is what you want to stretch on forever. Love is living inside of a pop song. Love is like, you know, that Richard Linklater movie “Before Sunrise”, you know, when the two lovers meet on a train on the way to Vienna and spend the whole movie, the whole evening, together talking about life and love and death and and fear and anxiety and connecting two minds, two souls, literally merging into one another. And the evening that holds the possibility of immortality. True love will save us. Remember the religious solution, no, the romantic solution to the death problem? So love… love will save us. But in that movie, which takes place almost in real time, dawn then arrives right? And that’s love. Love is ageing. That’s the inability to bear love’s ageing. There’s that scene when it’s morning and you see his face all melancholic cause he realizes that the night is over and not that he loves her any less but that life goes on and he has to go and they’ll get busy and task based existence will start seeping over into the fantasy that they were having the night before. And then he goes… he sits back and looks at the clock and it’s Vienna and it’s historical and it’s beautiful and he goes: “And all the clocks in the City began to whirr and chime, O let not time deceive you, you cannot conquer time. In headaches and in worries vaguely life leaks away and time will have its fancy tomorrow or today”. Love is the beauty of the promise of immortality and also it’s the joint mourning of lovers that know that they might die. And so, love is the answer to the problem of human existence. But it doesn’t solve the problem of human existence.”

This is the script of a video on love that I came across online. It blew me away. I know it word by word. It’s just perfect. ❤

Jason Silva on Love


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