Captain Fantastic

The first time I’ve seen this movie I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know what words were anymore.

The second time I’ve seen it I started to pick out SOME of the things I loved the most about it, but I was still so overwhelmed by its perfection that I didn’t feel like I was able to talk about it just yet.

The third time around, however, I was able to get over how beautiful this movie looks and finally get myself to watch it through clearer eyes and analyze it with every bit of brain I had, and oh. my. god. This goddamn movie changed my life. I absolutely, completely and wholeheartedly LOVE it.

Captain-Fantastic-Banner-Poster_1469036990330_4218255_ver1.0 (1).jpg

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to present to you my favourite film, my favourite story, of all time. It is the story of a married American couple who are NOT so American-like. Ever since before their first child, Bo, was born, they have been living in the wilderness, abandoning the lifestyle of the city and its never-stopping cycle of industrialization, a culture consisting mainly of obnoxious behaviour, noise and air pollution, laziness and mindless TV-viewing, instant gratification and an on-going obsession with consumerism. They live in the forest, their house is practical and humble, they hunt and cultivate their own food, and their body strength is unbelievable. The parents home-school all six children, who, by the age of 8 years old, already have a higher level of education than freshmen in normal American high schools.

The plot of the movie is that the mother is sick and have been in a hospital in the city for three month, which creates an unusual disturbance in the family.

The following paragraphs will inevitably contains major spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Captain Fantastic yet, kindly stop reading. I’d hate to spoil such an amazing movie for anyone. ❤

First of all, just to get it out of the way, this movie is just GORGEOUS. Cinematography-wise, it is absolutely stunning, so stunning that I just can’t stop looking at it. Every single scene is beautiful, shot just the right way. The colour scheme is absolutely breathtaking. The kids are SO CUTE I want to squash them all. The nature is just perfect, so calming and relaxing to look at, and their beautiful house is officially THE house of my dreams. Ugh! I’m such a fangirl right now but I don’t even care. Watching this movie just makes me think: ‘Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.’ ❤

But of course, things do hurt, and the first time this movie broke my heart to pieces was when the children found out their mother had killed herself and they all broke down crying. They didn’t even get to say goodbye, one minute she was there, three months later they were waiting for her to come home, and then suddenly she was gone for good. So sad!

Second of all, I want to enlist a number of lessons I’ve learned from this masterpiece of a movie, things that I want to live by if I were ever to construct a family. I guess it was around when Ben and the kids were having dinner with their aunt and her family that I realized, no, I do NOT like their cousins. I’m either going to have kids like Ben’s or not at all.

1/ Uniqueness is a must

Not exactly as far as deserting the city to live in the forest, I know real life isn’t a movie (altho I wish it was, sigh). But still, uniqueness is absolutely mandatory. Don’t follow the herd if you don’t like to be called a sheep. Be unique in your thoughts, your beliefs, your personality, your likes and dislikes. Be authentic, be true to yourself.

2/ ‘Americans are under-educated and over-medicated’

Yes, they are. And so are Moroccans. We are Moroccans under the law and nothing else. We are defined by our actions, by our beliefs, by our knowledge of the world, by what we eat and how we sleep and what we read. Be over-educated where they’re over-medicated, and under-medicated where they’re under-educated.

3/ Out with technology, in with BOOKS

TV, phones, internet, video games: MONSTROSITIES. Books are our friends, our educators, our saviours. Everything else in superfluous. However, to maintain a balance, there’s nothing wrong with watching a movie or catching up with the news, nothing bad about comedy TV-shows and Super Mario games, BUT those things CANNOT replace books or get in the way of mandatory AND pleasure reading. That’s the only red line that can’t be crossed.

4/ ‘Soda = Poison Water’

One rule: healthy minds in healthy bodies. Cook your own food, maintain a healthy diet, monitor what your put in your mouths. (With the exception of chocolate cake, for birthdays and celebrations).

5/ ‘Training in 10 mins’

Idleness is not permitted. Everyone will start exercising the moment they can walk on two legs.

6/ Identity

Be you, even if it’s crazy colored clothes and crazy hair, we will love the crazy colourful you more than a toned-down, cut-out, boring version of you. Put labels on yourself and be proud of them, tell the world loud and proud who you are and what you believe in. Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it, you grow up and evolve into a better version of yourself, give arguments as to why you don’t like your favourite book when you were 10 anymore, and stick to your opinion. It’s okay.

7/ Be wise

Be political but politically correct, opinionated but sensitive, knowledgeable but open-minded. Be kind, be true. Know that the more you read, the more you’ll realize you know absolutely nothing about the world, and there’s no need to raise conflict or be an asshole to others who disagree with you.

8/ Homeschooling

Best idea ever. Although a big responsibility, and it kind of makes me want to better myself for the sake of the children that I might be having. I know I’m limited, but god do I want to know EVERYTHING so that I can teach them EVERYTHING under my own supervision.

9/ ‘Interesting is a Non-Word’

Avoid being vague when you’re trying to make a point, or else you’ll look like you yourself don’t know what you’re talking about. Be specific, widen your vocabulary, be eloquent and to-the-point. Think, digest, decide your opinion then express it freely and as clearly as possible.

10/ Family Time is Mandatory

I can’t stress this enough: Family time is a must and should be lots of fun. Conversation, debate, music, book reviews and discussions, brain-teasers with foods and drinks and instruments to be played. Heaven on earth. ❤

11/ ‘This place is a vulgar display of wealth’

A small, humble house, or a medium-sized apartment, is way better than a big-ass mansion with a big-ass garden that has no use. Minimalistic furniture, bookshelves everywhere, art and plants and music instruments for decoration. Bunk beds are funky and cute. Oh and a Steve, with books and bunk beds, would be like a mini, mobile version of home. ❤

12/ ‘Power to the people. Stick it to the man.’

Abide by society’s rules, but don’t fully believe in them. Don’t believe everything you’re told, or everything you read: be selective and smile to people and authority. Get by, buy time, save your skin. Don’t let them change you, but also don’t go to jail. Find balance, be smart.

Woop woop, time to wrap this thing up! ❤ ❤

This is the kind of fantasy that I have, and I love how applicable and realistic it is. I don’t want a knight in shining armor, I want a Ben Cash with whom I can create something as incredible as this.

The kids are remarkable, even their names are truly unique, and their characters are even more unique and outstanding. I love everything about them. My heart. ❤

Also, this movie has introduced me to some amazing songs that I’ve been listening to in repeat all the time. My favourite is their cover of Sweet Child O Mine. Keplyr’s voice is just heaven. ❤



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