La La Land

I wonder how my heart hasn’t yet burst and bled all over my chest.


I’ve seen this movie a couple of hours ago, cried my eyes out all throughout it and for a good fifteen minutes after it ended. It hit me so hard, I’m still so overwhelmed by its perfection.

I want to hit replay so bad right now because I feel as though I have missed so many details and so this review will not be as thorough as I’d wish it to be. But no, I have to spill my emotions out like right now. I love it, I love it so much I can’t even deal.

First of all, just to get it out of the way, this film is THE most gorgeous-looking piece of art I have ever seen. The color scheme, the clothes, the style, the feel of it, the dancing, the piano and everything is just so goddamn aesthetically pleasing. I just LOVE looking at it, it’s just too pretty and too perfect and I can’t help but fall in love. It also doesn’t help that I’ve kind of been mortally in love with Ryan Gosling ever since The Notebook. I mean, Noah was bad enough, now he’s also Sebastian? God, why is he so gorgeous? Yup, I’m SO going to die alone.

Second of all, the soundtrack. I just know I will be listening to it on repeat forever. My ears love it, my body resonates with it, and my heart races up and slows down to it. I never knew I like listening to the piano, I never knew I had it in me to dance to jazz music. God, I was missing out. This film opened my eyes and blew me away. I’m so bloody thankful.

Now let’s talk about Mia. She embodied my own struggles with Art so perfectly that I just couldn’t stop tears from rolling down my cheeks whenever she was facing a problem. Being an artist, giving up law school to work in a coffee shop and focus on her dreams, going to audition after audition even after not getting the parts she wants. She busts her ass off in work and doesn’t give up, and when things don’t work out, she just decides to quit the coffee shop and write her own one-woman play. She is so strong. I’m going through almost the same thing she has gone through. I dropped out of a good college where I was taking a Computer Science course to join another “less cool” college to take an English Lit course and focus on finishing my book. Writing is my passion and also my pain, and I’m terrified of it, just as writing that play, which eventually only her friends came to, terrified Mia. I related to her so bloody much it’s unreal.

Lastly, heartbreak. Mia and Sebastian are perfect for each other, but they don’t end up together. I was sobbing from about when they started fighting about Seb not following his dreams until the end when she showed up with her husband Greg and their child. I was like “Forget The Fault in Our Stars, THIS is real heartbreak.” I just got so upset because soulmates never get to spend their lives together in happiness, true love never wins in the end, everything just kind of always goes to shit. God. I wish love didn’t exist.

I’m just so in love with this film and I’m so thankful that it exist and I can’t wait to see it again a couple hundred times. ❤


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