I’m a sobbing, drooling, snotty, uncontrollable mess.

I watched it like it was drugs and I an unstoppable crackhead. And now, 10 seasons after, it has brutally ended on me. I did not see this coming, Green, Geller, Geller, Bing, Buffay and Tribbiani, this was NOT our deal.


Before I started the show, it was a grievous time that I was going through. I was depressed and friendless. I slept in through my mornings and cried into the dead of my nights. Sad was my standard state. Blue was my new coloring. Then I decided to give Friends a watch, since I had nothing better to do.

Best decision I’ve ever made.

From the very first episode, depressed me turned into happy joyous me whose cheeks and stomach hurt from laughing every time Chandler Bing made a sarcastic comment or threw in a hilarious joke. I love Chandler Bing, I love him so much.

Just when I thought I would never laugh again, I met Bing. He just never fails to come up with the most genius of jokes and comments even in serious situations. When someone’s feeling bummed, Chan, not really good at giving advice, throws in a joke to lighten up the mood and cracks up everyone around with laughter. Just when I thought I had a hard time growing up, Pheobe Buffay told me she grew up on the streets after her mother committed suicide. And yet to look at how happy and careless she was, I thought I had no right to be upset about the stupid little things in life. When I thought being nerdy was not cool, Ross told me if I liked fossils, I collect fossils. Granted, I like books, not fossils, but still, Ross made me like being nerdy. Monica, the control maniac she is, made me accept my quirks the way she cherished hers. She even made me like cleaning, or at least pretend it’s fun. Racheal Green, the spoiled hot girl who’s well close to her thirties and still uses her father’s credit card, taught me to never be afraid to start from scratch and rebuild my entire life if I felt like something was wrong. Don’t marry the rich guy if you didn’t love him, run away from the window in your wedding dress. Don’t use your father’s credit cards, work for Gunther at the coffee shop. Joey Tribbiani, simple-minded he was, never failed to make me laugh. He showed me a beauty in being dumb and simple and naive and childish even for a grown-up, because after all, growing up doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lose the pure spirit of the child you once were.

And for what it’s worth, Friends is the best anti-depressant there is in the world. It’s a cure for sadness. The thing that depressed people want the most is getting out of their heads, and the show does that and more. It gets you out of your skin and makes you escape, mind and body and soul, to Central Perk, 1991, having a coffee and a laugh with Joey as he tells you all about how he slept with an Extra in Days of Our Lives and how she wouldn’t stop calling him.

I will always love these guys. I will always come back to them when I feel like I have no one. So what if I have no friends? I will always have the six of them to look after me. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. They could never fail me. I love them to death.


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