Time is a Funny Thing

I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of time. Fascinated, also terrified. Intimidated. Bewildered. I never quite got how it works. I never liked to think about it too much. It hurt my head.

But as of late, I’ve been growing up and going through stuff, stuff that’s not exactly all pleasant, not all butterflies and rainbows, but really ugly experiences that strip you out of everything that you are and leave you behind slumped down in a corner naked and humiliated and without a thing to hold on to, and hence I’ve started believing that time really is a funny thing, full of little ironies, and started being aware of its seriousness.

Which is to say: don’t get yourself tangled up in messy situations, don’t take the risk of getting involved with the wrong people, don’t make decisions that feel wrong, don’t neglect that feeling in your gut about every little and big thing in your life, because more often then not, that gut feeling is right, and you are wrong. Listen to your heart, resonate with your mind, and be at peace with your body. Don’t fight it, let it guide you. And whatever you do, don’t pressure yourself to wrestle with things when they get way on top of you, don’t run after things that are out of your reach, don’t try to shut down the voices in the deepest parts of your brain that hurl warning signs at you to stop hurting yourself. Trust me, it will only do you more damage than good to keep repressing bad feelings, to not validate how your body responses to certain things in life. Your body knows more about you than you. Listen to it. Don’t silence it. Let it guide you to what’s right and healthy and stay always true to who you are.

Live well.


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