Let’s Talk Plans

Splendid mid-day to you all, my dear friends!

How are you all doing? How’s life? How are the kids? How are the bookshelves?

I’m doing fine, thanks for asking. I’m getting better. (More on that in a future post, yay!)

Well, I have been thinking about writing a lot lately, just like a coping mechanism. This little blog I’ve had for over two years now means a lot to me and I want it to grow, I want to work hard and pour my heart and everything that I am into making it a positive, informative, fun little corner of my own in the wide web. And well, since I have been gone for a long while I thought it’s time to make some plans and stick to them.


I will, to the best of my abilities and mental-health stability, be posting one blog post a day, minimally one post every other day, but the catch is that for every day I pass I will have to write an extra post during the following days.


Okay, this is pretty simple. I will go with whatever sparks up my motivation and inspiration. Primarily, I will write book reviews, beginning with reviewing all the books I’ve read since the beginning of 2016 that I haven’t reviewed yet (shame), and then of the books I will be finishing soon, also reviewing the TV shows I’m watching because that’s a new thing I’ve been doing lately. And on a lighter note, I will write personal posts, talking about stuff I’ve been feeling, thoughts that have been on my mind, reflections on experiences I’ve gone through, things I’ve seen on YouTube or a TV show that provoke me to think about a certain topic, and just generally try to get things out of my cloudy, fuzzy, messy head and put them somewhere nicer and more peaceful and organized.


I want to keep a high maintenance of my blog throughout the coming years, and remedy the failure that were the last two. I really hope I will manage. My aim is not the fame, or creating a large following base. I couldn’t care less about that. All I want is a few people who would communicate with me through my posts and their posts and have a lovely, cozy time online. I want to grow and learn how to live with myself and embrace my quirks and my passions because otherwise what’s the point?

So yeah, that’s about all there is to it. I hope it all goes well.

Keep an eye out for me and I shall catch you all later.


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