I don’t know what I’m doing

Oh hey, hello there, yes, hi, it’s me.. Not that you know me or anything, but never mind that. It’s nobody really. Just a person with a blog. So, it’s been like, months since I wrote something in my blog but, yeah, things have kind of been hectic this year. Uh, I think I have to try and make this sound all very exciting and stuff.


2015 was my final year of Moroccan High-School Education, and man, what a year it had been. I had school like 24/7, studied my brains off literally everywhere I could carry a schoolbook, and basically only about slept 3 to 5 hours a day. I graduated though, thanks for asking. “I got my Baccalaureate” as people say here, with a “Mention Trés Bien”, which if you know a little bit of French you’ll understand that I did a pretty damn good job. Yey, props to me, then!

Uh, to be frank with you here for a second, it literally does not mean shit to me.

Unlike all my fellows, students of the Moroccan School, I’ve never been one to enjoy the stuff I was taught. But I could still somehow manage to get good grades and always pass off as a good student. And that has kind of carried out through my entire school life. That is what created the problems I’m facing today. Ever since Elementary school, that has always been my trick, up to now, years later, as a Terminal in Highschool Education, I did the exact same thing. Here I am now, I have officially left Highschool. And what did I come out with? Oh, absolutely nothing, just a Bachelor’s Diploma that I have an ungodly disinterest in. Now that I’ve left Highschool, I’m kind of supposed to just magically know what the next step is in my academic career. Everyone is just so jealous of me because I have access to all the “cool schools” in the country. Let me just confirm to you, dear person reading this, in my mind right now as I sit writing this blog post, I have not got the slightest inkling what I’m doing with my degree, hell, with my life for that matter. And it sucks.


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