Reviewing: Looking For Alaska

This is my third time reading a John Green book, and I think now it’s safe for me to say, with absolute wholehearted conviction, the man is a legend. He knows exactly how to hook his readers, especially the young people. I wish I could write like him, or better yet have him write more and more so I can have a infinite supply of awesome John Green books to read and never have to worry about running out of awesome John Green books. I really goddamn hope that by the time I will have read An Abundance of Katherines, Will Grayson Will Grayson and Let it Snow, he will have written and published another book. Pray the Lord.

Looking for Alaska by Mr John Green was a book I had in mind for such a long time, and when I finally picked it up I instantly thought: Why the hell haven’t I read this book until now? 

To briefly summarize the book, Looking for Alaska is about a boy called Miles Halter. The story initiates with Miles going to a boarding school called Culver Creek, his mom insisting to throw him a going-away party that eventually only 2 people ended up attending, and his parents finally realizing that Miles really had no friends in his old school. Then, they began to question whether there was something wrong with him, or whether he wanted to leave because of them, and that’s when he explained to them, and revealed to us, that he was simply going to Culver Creek to seek a Great Perhaps. And so, the very next day, Miles went to Culver Creek, and therefore his adventures took a start.

The following paragraphs will probably contain MAJOR SPOILERS, so if you have not read the book yet, RUN, RUN AND DON’T LOOK BACK.


So, I really do think this is an awesome, well built, extremely rich book worthy of deep thought and literary analysis, but since I do not have much time, nor much attention span, I will stick with mentioning just the few things I could fathom in mind.

At first, reading this book made me feel at home, comfortable in a someway, and I think that is because I got really accustomed and familiar with Mr John Green’s writing style, which I really do admire so much.

Secondly, I loved loved loved the characters and how perfect yet flawed and vulnerable they are. John Green has this amazing talent of creating flawed characters and making them great just the same. He has done it in both TFiOS and PT and now in LFA. His characters are so likeable and relatable. I liked Pudge and how awkward he was, the Colonel and how sarcastic he was, Takumi and his quirkiness, and of course, I liked Alaska and how brilliant yet damaged she was. I also loved their friendships, and their loyalty to each other, and their pranks and weird talks had me laughing my ass off so many times. I also loved how Mr John Green gave his characters unique aspects about themselves: Pudge memorizing Last Words, the Colonel memorizing Country Names and Alaska collecting stacks of books she never reads and trying to solve The Labyrinth of Suffering.

What had prevented me from giving 5 stars to this book is Alaska’s death. I didn’t get it. It made me sad, surely, but I didn’t cry out my eyes like I did when Gus died in TFiOS. I was rather angry, both at her and at John. I understand that she fucked up things with Pudge and her boyfriend and worse of all forgot to visit her mother’s grave, since it was the day her mother died, but I certainly did not sympathize with her as hard as I hated her for doing it. How could she just leave Pudge like that? Ugggghhhh! And also because the book ended without a solid ending, and had me like wAIT WHAT? NO WHAT HAPPENED TO PUDGE AND THE COLONEL AND THE OTHER GUYS? THIS CAN’T END HERE NOPE WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN? FORGIVING ISN’T GONNA SOLVE THE LABYRINTH OF SUFFERING WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

I sorely apologize for the unnecessary all-caps madness. I just couldn’t articulate it any better.

I give this book: ★★★★☆

I highly recommend this book to all the booklovers out there. This is a perfect YA fiction novel that will give you all of the feels. If you have enjoyed Paper Towns then you will definitely love this one. Trust me, it’s so good.


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