Reviewing: Paper Towns

Through approximately five night schools, intense with school work and studying for tests, I have willingly sacrificed many precious hours of beauty sleep in order to get through this book, and I have no regret. 

Paper Towns by the ever so glorious and brilliant Mr John Micheal Green, my idol of an author and YouTuber and generally one of my favorite human beings on earth.

As a brief insight into the book, Paper Towns is a story that follows around a boy named Quentin Jacobsen, or just Q, in the last few weeks of his senior year in high school. Q is in love with this Margo Roth Spiegleman, who, as dramatic and cool as her full name may sound like, was his childhood’s best friend. When they were kids, something creepy happened to them. They found the dead body of a man who committed suicide in the park as they were playing. Ever since then, they grew apart from each other; Margo Roth Spiegleman in the popular crowd, and Q with the ordinary, more-nerdy-less-cool kids like him.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers, so if you haven’t read the book yet, LEAVE.

I really did enjoy this book. It was such a fun read to me. Completely different and well thought through than other book one would come across. Everything felt in place. I have made such a strong connection with most of the characters. I loved Q with every last string of soul I have. Reading from his point of view was so good. He was sweet, thoughtful, clever, humble, witty and so relatable. I found myself wishing I could have him as a friend, then I started having crush on him and wanted him to be my significant other. I loved Radar, too. His name immediately suggested to me that he might be a kick-ass intelligent schoolboy, and as I read and got to know him better, my guesses turned out to be on point. I loved how much he cared for Q and everyone around and how he would use his math skills to calculate distance and average speed limits. Ben was a total asshole, but hilarious nonetheless. In every group of friends, it’s nothing but crucial to have an annoying bastard that no one can put up with but would still laugh hysterically at his ridiculous jokes, and in this case Ben is the perfect fit for the role. Who else is there to talk about? Oh yeah, of course, Margo Roth Spiegleman. I didn’t push myself to love her or to like her or to feel connected to her as character or anything to the sort. I rather became obsessed. While reading Paper Towns, the character of Margo fascinated me, to the point that I found myself trying to solve her mysteries and figures out a meaning for the clues she left behind when she disappeared. Therefore when Q would find nothing and go back home empty handed, I would feel frustrated, and I sympathize hard enough with him that my eyes would tear up out of frustration.

My two favorite parts have to be the night of Extreme-Vengeance-and-Breaking-into-SeaWorld along side of The Road Trip to Agloe. I loved Margo’s epic revenge plans and I really liked the manner in which she executed them perfectly. I also liked that she chose Q as her companion. Their conversations are just pure gold. Breaking into those buildings gave me such a rush, seeing that I’ve never done anything like that before, and so it had me curious to what it would be like to go on adventures like that. The ride to Agloe was intense, I must admit, but it was amazing. It took Ben and Radar and Q and Lacey’s friendship to whole new but stronger level, I mean, watching someone pee in a bottle of beer in a van full of people is sure as hell not exactly the most tolerable thing to do, but Ben always needed to pee, and really really needed to pee, so they had to give up and let him pee eventually.

The ending. The book wouldn’t have ended any other nor better way. From the burial of the black notebook to the kiss. It was perfect. My only problem is that I needed more. I closed the book with an emptiness that shooed the happiness away from my chest. I wanted to know more of what happened. Did they ever meet again? Will she change her mind and go back home with him? Aghhhhhh. I would die to know what happened to those two idiots.

My favorite quotes are:

“I tramp a perpetual journey.”

“I decided during government that I would actually literally suck donkey balls if it meant I could skip that class for the rest of the semester.”

I give this book: ★★★★★

Seriously, if you have not read this book yet, go read it. It is fantastic. The movie is also coming out soon. Go read it so that when it comes out and everyone would hype about it you and I would be the hispters who have read the book before watching the movie.


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