Reviewing: The Lover’s Dictionary

I was introduced to this brilliant book by someone so close to my heart, not so long ago, and for that I am bloody grateful. Thank you, dear.

The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan.

The thing about this novel is, it’s a dictionary. A proper word by word dictionary. Which is an enormously new and special aspect to give to a book. Hats off, Mr Levithan.

I absolutely love it.

It’s a love story that’s being told through a multitude of words and their definitions. The narrator in this novel tells the love story between him and his lover. It’s relatable, funny, true, heart melting and sometimes even heartbreaking. The definitions are so well written and not boring or so dictionary-like. The smooth balance between the storytelling and the literate definitions of the words is beyond perfect and would get the readers intrigued for more. I loved how true it was and how much I could relate to the characters and their feelings and also how the words had different meanings to the ordinary. In a way, it was eye-opening and educational.

The thing that threw me off, and prevented me from giving it a full 5 stars, is the ending. It was a little too sudden and abrupt. I wanted more words, I wanted to know what happened next so bad but sadly the letter Z had only one word and it didn’t give away much of the characters future and how things went. I closed the book with a frown on my face.

I give this book: ★★★★☆

I recommend this book to all the hopeless romantics out there. Read this and thank me later. It’s literally so good and not that long at all.


9 thoughts on “Reviewing: The Lover’s Dictionary”

  1. I’ve been dying to read this book ! I have a few saved quotes from it .. This girl Kenza Samir ( who is Morrrocan , she’s an awesome writer! posted about it a few times and I’ve been meaning to read it. you have inspired me to do so . I’m currently reading the sortied life of A.J Fikry. there’s an app on the iPhone /iPad callsd scribd. you can read unlimited books for $8.99 a month. first month free

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      1. her blog is , idk how to link here. please show me lol. she used to have Twitter but she got rid of it. I think because people were copying her a lot. she’s pretty well known now because she writes with drake

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