Reviewing: If I Stay

One day, while I was sat on my sofa casually scrolling through my Facebook feed, I stumbled across this movie trailer video thing with the title “If I Stay”. The caption my friend wrote on it was bragging about just how much they are excited for the movie that they could die. I got curious, watched the trailer about halfway through and then found out from the comments that it was based on a book. Instantly, I stopped watching and Googled a quick sample of the book. Best thing that has happened to me over the summer, to be honest.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman, a story so wonderfully told.

I absolutely loved it with every fiber of my heart and every inch of my soul.

It’s about this seventeen year old girl called Mia Hall. A cellist. Daughter of ex punk parents, sister of a six year old Teddy, best friend of aspiring photographer Kim, and girlfriend of the Rock star Adam, a member from the growing band Shooting Star.

It was snowing outside when Mia, Teddy and their parents were on their way to Grans and Gramps’ house one day. And just like that, they had an accident.

The mum and dad die. Teddy also, presumably. And Mia is apparently not in her body. She goes into this weird state where she is not able to feel anything, but she can literally see everything happen in front of her eyes, clear as crystal. Her body is caked in blood. Broken bones, collapsed lung, internal bleeding. The girl is a mess. In the hospital, she has to decide if she wants to stay or not, while her other family members; grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins, also boyfriend Adam and bestfriend Kim visit her in the ICU and try their hardest to make her wake up. To make her Stay.

What will she decide? Will she stay? Wake up as an orphan? Or will she leave without Adam?

I just love this book so much. It was such an emotional read for me. Full of goddamn emotions.

I loved how the relationship between Mia and Adam came together. Them bonding through music was something I truly admired. Not just them actually, because almost every other character in this book had something to do with music, which I really, really liked. I also liked how individual and unique and well written every single character in the book was. Every one had a personality, which for me is a major turn on in a book.

I just felt like Mia was someone I knew for so long and she just had her story to tell and I was there to listen and weep, for days.

I loved Kim so much and her friendship with Mia had me awweing so hard so many times. Their conversations are hilarious. And I just absolutely adored how strong and firm Kim was when the whole accident thing happened.

I also couldn’t help but fall a little in love with Adam. I mean, seriously? A band member? He’s just perfect and charming and Oh my dear God. Sorry Mia. Lol.

I give this book: ★★★★★

I recommend this book to everyone. It’s the sweetest read ever. Not too short and not too long, but exactly the perfect length. Also it would be great to pick it up in case of one of those severe reading slumps that one goes through every once in a while.


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