This Is Not Creative

If you wish to drive a man mad, here is what you do. Give him a pen, a sheet of blank paper and send him on a mission to create something the entirety of the human race has never known before. Something completely new, exciting and utterly unprecedented.

Now, if I were to do the same thing to you, what will your creation come to be? What will you come up with?

A drawing? Maybe, if you had any artistic skills.

A mathematical formula for time travel? Gotta be the next Albert Einstein, eh?

A poem? If you have just got out of a terrible break-up, yes.

An essay where you philosophically cover some important aspect of life? Carry on Kant and Freud’s wayward, son.

A badass political plan to change the world? Someone has to stop the USA from taking over the world with its over-hyped pop culture, right? RIGHT?

A symphony better than Mozart’s Requiem? Well.. if you dare so.

A prologue of the next worldwide bestselling YA novel? I mean, yeah, why not? JUST DON’T CREATE BADASS CHARACTERS AND KILL THEM FOR GOD’S SAKE!

Your autobiography? If you consider your life worth telling, go for it.

Well, all jokes and sarcasm aside, if your mind ventured into thinking about one of the aforementioned options or a similar one, I’m so sorry but, my friend, you are close-minded, you lack inspiration, imagination and creativity, and worse yet, you have obviously missed out on the whole “unprecedented” thing I was going on about, you did not understand what I asked of you in the first place.

Now, don’t get misled or offended, I mean no harm and those things are actually pretty awesome and everything, but they have all been done before. It’s all déjà-vu.

If it’s not your case, then I’m assuming you’re still holding your pen dangerously close to the paper, about to start scribbling something but not really.

I understand you.

You are human, I am too, just as much as the next person. We’re part of this big world and we’re all trying to be somebody. Even if we don’t address it loudly and explicitly in front of each other, we are all on one and one quest only: Finding Ourselves. The intentions may vary, the means used too, but in spite of that the goal stays just the same: To standout and to prove our worth.

The world is nowadays infinitely big, therefore making the possibility of creating something completely new nearly impossible. Someone, somewhere, at a given moment has thought of your very own creative idea and executed it before you even had the chance to really think it through. It’s weird, but true.

We live for our dreams. They’re are what gets us out of bed in the mornings and motivate us to keep going. They’re also the reason behind our misery. It’s just that day by day we learn to live with the fear of our dreams destroying us.

So, next time, when you hold a pen and a paper, don’t think. In fact, I don’t know what to advise you, for if I did, I wouldn’t be writing this post. I would be out in the world seeking to make my dreams come true, to create what is yet to be created.


2 thoughts on “This Is Not Creative”

  1. It’s not so bad to do what’s been done before. I think the best kind of originalty isn’t something that’s a mindblowing revolution, but just a small change to a longstanding tradition. There’s something wonderful about being part of a tradition. I mean, where else do you learn from and draw your influences from? I think most people would like it if their writing was compared to the writing of one of their idols.

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    1. Yes, I totally agree. But still, if someone’s writing was compared to the writing of their favorite author, they won’t actually standout, that is if they don’t get told off for it, because wouldn’t that be literally cheating? Stealing someone else’s writing style? Yes, I think it would. This person will always stay in the shadow of their idol. And it will get them nowhere.


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