Words: They confuse me. Excite me. Bore me. Flatter me. Tire me. And scare me.

Without them, humans are nothing. Or more to the point, life is nothing. With words, science was discussed and physicists studied gravity and calculated the movement of earth around the sun. With words, people interacted. Americans socialized with Europeans, and Asians with Africans. Cultures and their creators merged and stirred together making the most beautiful contrasts. With words, black people fought for equality, religions portrayed their beliefs and writers promoted their stories, thoughts and convictions. If words did not exist, how would we report the weather? How would you tell the color of the sky? And how would we share our feelings of satisfaction or otherwise despair? But then again, there’s more to it than just butterflies and rainbows. In the opposite way of seeing it, words have put the world in great danger. They’ve created evil and brought out the cruelest forms of monstrosity known to the history of time. Hitler killed millions of Jews using his words. Politics, which is a game of words, made countries hate their neighbors. And sometimes, due to the most pathetic misuse of words, hearts get broken, and houses get torn apart.

I love words and I hate them, I realized just today. It’s a contradiction of utter madness. It’s making me lose my mind and sanity. At least what’s left of it.


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