Reviewing: The Fault in Our Stars

So, how do I begin?
This is my first time trying to write a book review, and apparently, I’ve chosen to start with tfios.

Let me just say, this goddamn book has made me cry like a ten year old girl visiting Disney World for the first time. And I loved it.
I have to admit; when I picked it up, I was so excited about it. But when it got to that point, the point, I couldn’t take it. I just had to put it down, for two months. The pain was so real, I’m not exaggerating one bit. And finally, when I recollected my sanity, and restored my faith in Mr John Green’s amazing talent of telling a story, I picked it up again and started reading from the very beginning. It took me 3 solid days to read this amazing book, and oh god, how much did I cry at night!
I can say, with 100% conviction, I have not read a better love story than this one. I loved it as much as I loved the Titanic and Romeo & Juliet. But then again, to be fair, it’s more than just a love story, which makes it even more special and outstanding.

A book like this is so rare to find, and due to that and to the fact that I exist in like, the other end of the world compared to Mr John Green, I consider myself lucky and privileged to have found and read this book. And to be honest, I’ll not hesitate to read it again when I’ll get the chance.

This book taught me an awful lot of lessons, it changed me for the better. It showed me that oblivion is inevitable and that I should not fear itIt taught me to love unconditionally and truthfully, to not, and I quote, deny myself the simple pleasure of saying true things’. It showed me that pain demands to be felt’, and that I should not let it control my life. And most importantly, it portrayed illness and disability in a way that’s very different than what we’re all familiar with, it reminded me that cancer kids are just normal kids, with normal lives, having normal teenage thoughts, hopes and desires. Despite the fact that some of them carry oxygen tanks around them, always everywhere all the time, and others have lost a leg or two eyes, they still worry about their looks, they have hobbies, passions and weird fetishes, and they can most definitely see the beauty in life and maybe even fall in love. Their disability does not define them, just as ours do not define us.

I give this book: ★★★★★

If you have been living under a rock and this is your first time hearing about The Fault in Our Stars, then you my friend are missing out on a lot, definitely do give this a read, you will not be disappointed.


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