Greetings, everyone!

Hello, dear person reading this, and welcome to what is intended to be my first WordPress Blog Post. For starters, I want to thank you for the visit, it really means a ton. Secondly, I shall introduce myself to you. My name is Meriem and I read too much. That basically summed me up in one short sentence, aside from any other irrelevant personal information that may not interest you, but nevertheless, my age is of 18 years and a week, I live in Casablanca Morocco, currently in my last year of high school, studying Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology even though I am strongly uninterested in neither of those subjects and as I am writing this now, I still have no plans for my future.

Like the dedicated reader I am, I get too emotionally engrossed in the lives of the fictional characters from the books I read. I cry when they’re hurt, I laugh when they make a good joke, I worry when they’re in danger, I cringe when they’re in awkward situations and I fangirl like crazy when they find their significant other. Oh, and I fall in love with boys from books way too often it’s unhealthy. Reading is a big chunk of my life, and no pastime could be sweeter.

I read in school, before bed, while eating, in social events, in family gatherings, during weekends, weekdays, early mornings and late nights. I’m known for always reading something. And as for when I’m not doing that, I will either be writing, studying, blogging, interneting, fangirling, sleeping or staring at the void thinking about absolutely nothing.

Yeah.. that’s about it, actually. I’m really not that interesting, but oh well.

Hope to see you soon with a new post. Cheers!


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